Production Facilities


Akman Textile, setting industrialism as its major objective upon its foundation in 1978, has achieved this objective by laying the foundations of its integrated facilities with an indoor area of 20,000 sqm in Çorlu – Tekirdağ in 1993. It has grown even further every year by backing up its success in trade with its production force at this facility.

Yarn is subjected to special processes for weaving at the Akman Textile facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology in Çorlu. The fabrics are woven on state of the art technology looms and then are dyed in the dye and finishing department. They are prepared as finished products, as backdrop curtains, tulle curtains, sunshades, roller blinds and zebra curtains. The fabrics are subjected to a variety of quality control tests at the laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology within the Akman Production Facilities. The curtains are offered to the consumer as packed.